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Start the Process

Visit our Start the Process page to learn how to potentially request accommodations.

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Disability Services is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities by providing opportunities for success and equal access at Brigham Young University–Hawaii. We are committed to coordinating reasonable accommodations as outlined by federal and state law. We also strive to create an inclusive, safe and respectful environment by promoting awareness, knowledge, and equity. We aspire to impact positive change within individuals and the campus community.

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  1. Provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations to eligible students by meeting federal and state definitions of disabilities.
  2. Promote opportunities for success and equal access through outreach, education, and increasing awareness.
  3. Actively implement and utilize technology that improves our ability to assist students with disabilities.
  4. Maintain current policies and procedures for Disability Services.
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Welcome to Brigham Young University–Hawaii. If you require an accommodation for a disability, contact one of the following:


Leland Sikahema

January 26, 2021 07:29 AM
Title IX Coordinator

Rachel Kekaula

June 18, 2019 06:04 AM
Counseling Services Director
(808) 675-3508
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