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Disability Services

Start the Process

BYU–Hawaii students experiencing academic, housing, or dietary difficulties as a result of a disability or condition should contact Disability Services to request potential accommodations. The following is the process for students to apply for accommodations at Brigham Young University–Hawaii:

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  • Must be a current student of BYUH, or their dependent
  • Must have valid documentation:
    • On official letterhead from a licensed professional which includes their credentials and qualifications
    • Dated within three years
    • Contains a clear statement of diagnosis
    • Includes history and prognosis of the condition(s)
    • Clearly indicates current impact and functional limitations on life
    • Discusses recommended accommodations and their connections to the limitations
    • If available, provide assessment reports used in making the diagnosis, including the psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluations conducted


- All documentation will be verified and evaluated by a disability coordinator, who will determine eligibility

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Process of Requesting Accommodations

To potentially receive accommodations, complete these four steps in order:

  1. Complete Intake Form
  2. Turn in supportive documentation
    • Documentation requirements are mentioned in the above section
    • Documentation may be mailed, faxed, hand-delivered, or emailed*
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with our disability coordinator
    • To schedule an appointment, use the contact information below
  4. Complete an Accommodations Request Form


  • *Email is not a secure method of delivery
  • Disability Services is FERPA compliant:
    • Communication is restricted, and is limited to just with the client
    • Only the client can schedule an appointment