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Extended Time

(Out-of-Class Assignments and Exams)

Extended Time

  1. When an unexpected disability-related episode interferes with the student's ability to complete the work in the expected time frame, regardless of how much the student got done prior to that time.
  2. Assess the average time ALL students are expected to spend on the assignment relative to the deadline and if the disability situation necessitates an extension beyond this deadline.
  3. Some instructors may allow students more time than they believe it is needed to complete assignments and/or exams. (e.g., an instructor believes an assignment should only take two days to complete but allows students three days. If all the students are provided "extended time," it would be discriminatory not to provide the extended time in addition to the time given to all students.
  4. Is it feasible to assign the project to the student with the disability in advance of other students while keeping the deadline consistent?
  5. Unexpected illness or injury, recent diagnosis, onset or change in condition may warrant a withdrawal or incomplete from a course. In those cases, follow the institutional process.
  6. Heavy course loads, work schedule, or other family commitments are not considered when determining reasonable accommodations.

When determining Reasonable Extensions of Deadlines

  1. What is the purpose of the assignment? Is it necessary to have it completed before an exam? Before a discussion?
  2. What does the syllabus say about deadlines? What general policies exist for making up missed exams, quizzes? Turning in late work?
  3. How is participation configured into the final grade? (in class, group work outside of class, via Canvas/e-mail)?
  4. Does each week's material build sequentially on the material learned in the previous week(s)?
  5. Are there other lab or class sections the student could attend to catch up on missed material?
  6. Could missed assignments be turned in via Canvas discussion board/e-mail?
  7. Are tests to be taken at a specific time and place, or is there a window time that can be taken?
  8. Is it possible for students to "work ahead" in this class?

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September 10, 2019