How Do I Qualify For Disability Services and Accommodations?

- Complete an application to the university through the admissions office. Applicants are not required to disclose their disabilities at this time.


- After receiving notification of acceptance from the admissions office, call or email BYU Hawaii Disability Services to declare serious intent to attend. The contact information of our Disability Coordinator is shown here below:


                          Leilani Auna 


                          Ph. (808) 675-3518/3999 

                          Fax. (808) 675-3440


- Submit documentation of disability to Disability Services (DS). These documents will be reviewed for validity and applicability during your initial assessment.


- Students should carefully consider services and assistance that will be necessary and appropriate for their disabilities. These requests should be listed and submitted with documentation of their disabilities. Students are encouraged to brainstorm for solutions with family members, use past professional advice, and confer with a DS counselor. Service and accommodation planning continues as the university's suggestions for reasonable accommodations are proposed and a plan is agreed upon. Service planning should begin as early as possible (at least one semester prior to attending) so that appropriate resources and necessary staff/volunteers can be arranged prior to the semester for which the student intends to enroll.


- The student begins his/her studies at the university with a variety of helpful services in place.


- Changes to the service plan are made each semester as academic and other challenges change.


- Students should always inform DS if they would like to continue receiving disability services each semester.